Stopping Myself from Commenting

Posted on December 18, 2012. Filed under: Uncategorized |

There are so many posts that enrage me and so many posts that make me want to shout “hurray, you get it”!  Sometimes it is very hard to stop and think about what I could possibly add to the conversation that would be of value to anyone. Sometimes, actually often, writing can be cathartic, however when you share your thoughts with the world, even if it is merely a comment, you reveal something about yourself.

Yes, I like to give praise or at the very least, support. But sometimes, the very nature of the post stops me. If I comment on that blog, will it reveal something about the way I think, something about my family, something that I should not be saying in public?  Today I was following a blog post written by Liza Long, a woman who feels that her son is a mass-murderer in training. The post, called Thinking the Unthinkable, has gone viral. Liza’s son is 13 and has fits of violence. This blog post is viral because it is tied to the death of 18 young children in a Connecticut school.

My first reaction was to add a comment telling Liza that she is brave for posting her feelings and reaching out for help. My second reaction was, what if her son does get help, but because she has written publicly about him, he can never shake the stigma of what she has written?  Others clearly had the same concern because pretty quickly, blogger Sarah Kendzior shared her blog post about this. And of course, the conversation expanded to include anyone else with an opinion. Eventually, everyone decided to play nice and the two moms issued a joint statement saying that the conversation should be about mental health needs.  Yes, it should. You get it.

Meanwhile, this 13-year-old kid has been mentioned all over the internet as a serial-killer in the making.  Poor kid.


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